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The trip was fantastically well organised. Everything was arranged and prepared in every detail and I just needed to turn up. It gave me a very good impression.

Adrian Sava from Romania, working in Sweden

INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT can be a difficult and risky project. We seek and identify those candidates with the greatest potential to be successful and we give them the best opportunity to integrate quickly in their new workplace.

International recruitment is a family project
Our experience shows that the number one reason why a candidate would choose to interrupt their employment contract and travel back to their home country is when their partner is not thriving in the new country of residence. TechCarrera includes the whole family in the recruitment process and, therefore, we also take into account the partner’s profession and/or educational needs.

We take care of all the practical tasks
In the recruitment stage our psychologists conduct in-depth interviews and make personality assessments. We check on references and organise candidates' interview trip to Scand­inavia with hotel, transpor­tation, sight­seeing and visits to schools and kindergartens.

Before your new employee moves to Scandinavia:  we apply for social security number, medical card, tax-card, specialist certif­icates if necessary, arrange housing in the employ­ment’s town and apply for schools and other child care. We also organise the move and help the new employee with practical issues.

Our specialist areas

Our specialist competencies lie in finding engineering, IT and technical profiles within the following fields:

Energy & Renewables

Engineer surveys site

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Researcher examines sample

IT & Technology

Technician carefully assembles parts


We recruit technical specialists for Scandinavian companies

TechCarrera is specialised in the headhunting and recruitment of engineers, IT, Life Science and technical specialists across Europe to work in Scandinavia.

We recruit in 14 European countries, and with a vast pool of highly skilled profess­ionals, we secure access to competent professionals in key technology fields.

We offer permanent recruitment solutions and take care of the entire recruit­ment process, along with relocation as well as other practical matters.

Our client contact team: Susanna Sjunneryd, Ingve Groven, Ida Glöde, Nina Paulsson, Sofia Hedman

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