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The language course for you and your partner

young professional studies Danish language

We offer you a basic language course in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. Knowing some of the local language and customs will help you integrate better into society, although English is the corporate language.

If you have a spouse, we have found that it is important for her/him to integrate, too. We believe that this is a family project and to get your family settled in to your new country of residence, we also offer the language course to your spouse.

The course is given online with classes by one of our native teachers. We provide you with all the learning material. Both the course and learning material are provided to you and your partner without any costs. We strongly recommend that you start the course before arrival in your new country of residence.

Continuing studies

If you wish, you and your spouse can continue studying Danish, Swedish or Norwegian upon arrival in your new country of residence. Please contact us for more information about this.

Goals of the language course

Achieving basic proficiency in the language; understanding and using familiar everyday expressions.

Having knowledge of the Danish/Swedish/Norwegian culture and customs.

Understanding how the Danish/Swedish/Norwegian living and working systems function.