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Enhance your career in Scandinavia

Engineers discuss a project in Scandinavia

We help grow your career and we will be your advisor to prepare you for a profess­ional career abroad.

We match your compe­tencies with the right companies. We listen to your desires and needs so that we can match you not only with the right company but also with the right city and area where you will feel comfortable and happy to live.

As a TechCarrera candidate, you will go through a profess­ional and trans­parent recruit­ment process.

The first steps to develop your career path with us

CV registration

We register you in our database with your CV in English. We send you a questionn­aire by email, and then we will begin sending you alerts about job openings in your field.

Interview and personal assessment

When we have a job offer that matches your profile, we will contact you for an interview and a personal assessment. We present to you the currently open positions in your speciality and provide infor­mation about the selection process and the services TechCarrera offers.


After a successful in-depth interview, we ask you to send us the contact information of some of your profes­sional references, which can be from current or previous employments. Finally, we will forward your profile to the employer.

Get on the plane

If your profile is selected you will be invited for a face-to-face interview with the future employer. You will learn more about the work environment and living location. The trip usually takes two to three days and you can bring your partner if you wish.

Employment contract

After the trip, you and the employer will make the final decision. If both of you agree you will receive an employment contract from the employer.

Congratulations, welcome to your next career step

TechCarrera will start to prepare everything for you and your family. We organise a language course, your move, we find housing and apply for schools and/or kindergarten if you have children and help you with other necessary documents.

The whole process in a nutshell:

1. You register with us.

2. We begin sending you alerts about our new job openings in your field matching your expertise and experience.

3. If you like any of the job offers you let us know and we include you in the selection process.

4. Skype interview with TechCarrera or we meet at any of our career days in Europe.

5. After a successful interview we forward your CV to the employer.

6. The company evaluates your CV and makes its decision.

7. If your profile is selected you will be invited for a trip to meet the employer.

8. Face-to-face interview with your potential future employer at your future work place as well as a visit to the local neighbourhood.

9. After the face-to-face interview, the company will make its decision on the successful candidate.

10. If you accept the job offer, we will start to prepare you for the move and arrange all practical issues.

11. You begin the language course, if you wish.

12. Congratulations! You begin your employ­ment in Scandinavia.