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TechCarrera’s relocation and integration programme

Copenhagen, summer by the water

Moving to a new country and having a successful integration into society involves a lot of work.

At TechCarrera, we help you and your family both before and after arrival in Scand­inavia to give you a smooth transition and easier integ­ration process. Our mission is to ensure that you have the most com­fortable move, and to make you feel secure and safe during the whole process.

Before moving to Scandinavia we prepare your move and relocation together with you so as to meet your pref­erences and needs. You will have a person from TechCarrera assigned to you to help you with all practical matters. We listen to your specific requests and adapt our services in the best possible way to accom­modate you.

Upon arrival in Scandinavia we hold regular talks with you and your partner to ensure that you are happy with your new job and living circumstances.

We offer:

  • Assistance with relocation costs
  • Organisation of transport for your personal goods
  • Help with paperwork (social security number, tax card, residence and work permits)
  • Help finding a place to live
  • Help with authoris­ation and recognition of foreign qualifications
  • Help finding schools and/or day care if you have children
  • Telephone hotline with an assigned TechCarrera employee

We provide you with personal guidance and useful information on:

  • Living and working conditions
  • Choosing a general practitioner
  • The tax system
  • Leisure activities
  • Registration of foreign vehicles
  • Change of driver’s licence
  • Sources for job search for accom­panying spouse
  • Continuing language studies
  • Network and social activities in your area

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